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J. Bruno De La Fuente



  1. Bruno de la Fuente is a Partner at Alvarez, Feltman & Da Silva, P.L. Mr. de la Fuente was born and raised in Miami, FL and attended Belen Jesuit Preparatory High School. Upon graduating, Mr. de la Fuente attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor where he received a Bachelor of Arts in History. He continued his education at the University of Miami School of Law earning a Juris Doctor in 2009.

Mr. de la Fuente began his legal career working for a sole practitioner in South Florida and assisted in the prosecution, and defense, of a wide variety of cases in both County Court and Circuit Court. While there Mr. de la Fuente primarily focused on workmen’s compensation, product liability and criminal defense. The broad spectrum of cases successfully handled by Mr. de la Fuente provided him with invaluable experience, and allowed him to refine his litigation skills early on in his career. In 2011, Mr. de la Fuente joined AFD as an associate in the insurance litigation practice group. He quickly rose through ranks, and within his first year was responsible for the successful prosecution of hundreds of insurance claims lawsuits. In his time at AFD, Mr. de la Fuente has handled hundreds of evidentiary hearings and litigated several civil cases to both jury and non-jury trials. Most notably, Mr. de la Fuente was able to obtain what was at the time the highest jury award for damages in a Hurricane Wilma “First Notice of Loss” insurance claim. As a result of his success, in 2015 Mr. de la Fuente was named Partner. In addition to practicing primarily with the firm’s insurance litigation division, Mr. de la Fuente also assists with the firm’s general litigation division, focusing on a variety of matters relating to homeowner’s associations and other commercial endeavors.

Mr. de la Fuente is licensed to practice law throughout the State of Florida.

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