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Condo Associations

Alvarez, Feltman, Da Silva & Costa assists property owners throughout the State of Florida with the complex legal issues involved in the establishment and management of cooperative corporations and condominium associations. Our attorneys have developed a sophisticated understanding of the particular needs that developers face when they seek to form property associations. Whether skilled assistance is needed in establishing a co-op corporation or condo association, amending proprietary leases, writing bylaws and house rules, or general or litigation counsel is required, our firm provides effective legal strategies.

When building owners consider converting an apartment building to condominium, the attorneys at Alvarez, Feltman, Da Silva & Costa will guide them through the necessary steps of the conversion process. We assist with the writing of bylaws and house rules under which condo association will be managed. For established condo associations, we serve as general counsel, advising the board on legal questions that arise on a daily basis, and mediating issues involving residents or outside vendors.

When condo association disagreements cannot be resolved through negotiation, our firm stands prepared to advocate on behalf of our clients. We have successfully litigated for many clients involved in protracted shareholder disputes and contract disputes. We are equally adept at strategically negotiating favorable settlements and pursuing victory through the courts when necessary.

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