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Alvarez, Feltman, Da Silva & Costa

Alvarez, Feltman, Da Silva & Costa, PL (AFDC) is one of Florida’s most recognized and prominent law firms dedicated to representing individuals and businesses in all types of litigation and transactional services.

Our trial lawyers handle complex civil cases, with a significant emphasis on insurance disputes, complex litigation, construction litigation, class actions and business torts.


Why choose us?

Our Reputation

AFDC has built a reputation for zealously protecting our client’s interests and aggressively prosecuting insurance companies, regardless of the complexity of the facts or law.

Our Mission

The Firm’s mission is to provide the most successful and efficient method of recovery for our clients in the Miami-Dade area and the State Florida – whether through delicate negotiation or zealous litigation.

Our Professionalism

Our lawyers practice with the highest level of professional and personal ethics and have brought together decades of knowledge and hands-on experience to strive for optimal results for our clients.


Our Services


Home and business owners purchase property insurance for financial peace-of-mind. They diligently pay their premiums and, in return, expect their insurance company to be there for them when a property loss occurs.


If an event outside your control has caused major damage to your home or property, the one source of consolation you may have had is that your property was insured. Floods, plumbing leaks, fires and natural catastrophes can cause major damage to the structure of your home or business.


A serious auto accident can be a very traumatic and difficult experience. Whether you're the driver injured in a motor vehicle crash, passenger hurt in a car accident, or pedestrian hit by a moving vehicle, be smart, hire an ACFD attorney to take care of the details of your claim.


Family law is the practice area of law that deals with family-related matters and domestic relations. If you are preparing for divorce or dealing with another serious legal concern, nearly every decision you make could have a profound impact on your financial well-being and future happiness.


If you or a loved one has recently been charged with a crime, then you are already well-aware of the difficult nature that crimes of this nature carry. With aggressive prosecution and ruthless law enforcement, you could be facing detrimental consequences.


Alvarez, Feltman, Da Silva & Costa assists property owners throughout the State of Florida with the complex legal issues involved in the establishment and management of cooperative corporations and condominium associations.


AFDC Partners

Benjamin R. Alvarez
Paul B. Feltman
Leonardo H. Da Silva
Brian C. Costa
Miguel Lara

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Why should I hire an AFDC Attorney?

You've suffered a major loss from a storm, water damage, fire, theft, or some other calamity and you've filed an insurance claim. You want a maximum payout, your insurer a minimum. You need the attorney at Alvarez, Feltman, Da Silva & Costa to help you in that fight.

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What type of cases you handle?

At AFDC, our attorneys are committed to helping clients recover what is fair. Some of our areas of expertise are Homeowners and Business Property Losses, Bad Faith, Car Insurance Coverage, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Hurricane, Tropical Storm and Windstorm Claims.

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How much it will cost me to hire AFDC?

If we have to litigate on your behalf, all of our fees and costs are directly and separately paid by your insurance company pursuant to Florida law (section 627.428, Florida Statutes). We don't take a percentage of your settlement.We only recover if you recover.

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