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The South Florida Guide to a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

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The South Florida Guide to a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

In anticipation of the joy and excitement that comes with the holiday season, Alvarez, Carbonell, Feltman & Da Silva want to ensure that your days remain merry and bright into the New Year.  Here are 4 tips  safeguarding your home against the most common holiday hazards.

1.  Nothing beats the rich pine smell a holiday tree brings to your home.  Keeping your tree fresh and vibrant requires frequent watering – which can have a damaging effect on floors.  In order to make sure spillage does not damage your floors, Alvarez, Carbonell, Feltman & Da Silva suggest laying plastic sheets or garbage bags underneath the decorative tree skirts.

2.  Prevent your holiday spirits from going up in smoke by taking precautions to avoid electrical fires.  Many fires during the holidays season are related to decorations and lighting, especially around your tree.  Making sure your artificial tree is labeled “Fire Resistant” is essential.  For the purists who prefer the real thing, keep your tree well watered and green to lower the potential for fire.  You should also make sure not to overload power outlets and check all lights and sockets before use.  Preventing sparks and keeping open flames such as candles or fireplaces away from your tree will help reduce the risk of tree fires.  And always remember to turn off all decorative lights before leaving your home or going to bed.

3.  Kitchen fires are the most common types of fires in South Florida and the number of kitchen fires statistically increases during the holiday season.  It is important to always keep on an eye on any food being cooked in the oven or stovetop, especially when cooking with combustibles such as oils and fats.  Distraction is a very frequent contributor to kitchen fires.  Since a lot of holiday cooking involves cooking multiple dishes at once, it’s important to remember to keep matches and lighters away from any heat source and put away when not being used.   Finally, make sure to test smoke detectors before you begin cooking and keep a fire extinguisher within reach in your kitchen.

4.  The holidays are a popular vacation time for home owners.  An unfortunate result is that it is also a popular time for burglars and vandals to prey on your empty home.  Help deter burglars from targeting your home while you’re away. Use automatic timers for porch and room lights to keep your home well lit without hiking up your electric bill too much.  You can also have trusted family or neighbors pick up and hold your mail for you as burglars sometimes look for large amounts of mail as a sign that no one is home.  As always, make sure your home is locked and secure and that your burglar alarm is armed.

While these tips will protect your home from these common hazards, accidents happen.  When they do, Alvarez, Carbonell, Feltman & Da Silva are here to help you.  The majority of insurance policies cover accidental losses caused by these types of perils.  If your insurance company refuses to cover your accidental damages, or if you have any questions about your policy and coverage, call us for a free consultation.

From our ACFD family, we wish you and yours a very safe and happy holidays.

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